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It’s been a while since my last post. I’m afraid the day job is getting in the way.  I’m due to fly out China in just over a week taking out a UK delegation.  All great stuff!

However, I have not been neglecting my love of all things fashion and style related and is it just me or is there a proliferation of love for denim in ladies fashion for SS16?!

I have to say that I ought to really stop buying new clothes as I’m currently on Slimming World and gradually losing some weight (I’ve lost half a stone in just over five weeks!) but I just can’t help myself.

I am particularly loving all the denim and chambray in the shops at the moment. It’s like the world has turned blue!

I’ve always worn jeans and, in recent years, have embraced the skinny jeans revolution with gusto.  However, the recent influx of blue into the shops has forced me to think differently about denim.  Dungarees have made another reappearance in fashion and there are a number of denim dresses in the form of shirt dresses, pinafores etc.  Of course there is also the denim shirt!  Could I break free from the skinny jeans and challenge myself to wear denim differently?!


My usual denim attire – skinny jeans (or in this case cut off shorts) and a top!

Dungarees was a challenge and a half.  Not least because when I think of dungarees I think of 1) toddler fashion, 2) teenage years (1980s) and Bananarama and 3) pregnancy clothes!  However, I did give it a go and looked at various styles (flared leg, tapered leg etc). I ended up heading to Marks and Spencers to their Indigo Collection which is always a little bit laidback and boho, although I’m not sure those adjectives would apply to me normally!  I ended up with a great pair of dungarees (can you have a ‘pair of dungarees’?) which retailed at £55 but I got them with 20% off with my M&S loyalty card ‘Sparks’.


She looks a whole lot better in them than I do! Marks & Spencer’s dungarees.

I have to say that now I have them I absolutely love them!  My son isn’t so keen, but then I’m not dressing to please an 11 year boy. They go so well with Breton tops that it’s like they’re a match made in heaven!


Ah well!  Mad middle-aged woman in dungarees!

In the Autumn, inspired by one of Rachel The Hat’s blog posts, I went and bought the denim shirt dress she featured from George at Asda.  This dress has been great over the Autumn and works well layered over a long sleeve top, or wearing with a crew neck lambswool jumper to look like a jumper and skirt combo or with a big chunky longer-length cardigan.


I do like the ‘Lara’ dress from FatFace

It looks great with opaque tights and converse, but equally good with biker boots.  It was a great buy and very reasonable at under £20! It will certainly see me through Spring into early summer (sandals and a beach bag?!).


This one from New Look is also great and very good value!

Because I liked my denim shirt dress so much…. could I be persuaded to try a denim pinafore dress?  I have to admit that I spent much of January eyeing these up in various shops.


ASOS Denim Pinafore dress

New Look seemed promising, but they were just a bit too short for me to feel comfortable in them.  Then I walked past Fat Face and found one that was so cute I had to try it on.  Teamed with one of their Bretons and bought on their recent 20% promotion I felt it was meant to be.  I’ve also got a few less formal tie neck blouses which would look great with the denim pinafore dress.


FatFace Denim Pinafore dress (the one I ended up buying!)


The pinafore goes great with a FatFace Breton.  I bought 3 different colours!

I’ve still got my eye, potentially, on a denim A-line skirt and am currently looking at these two….


Nice A-line button through denim skirt from Marks & Spencer.


ike this one from Boden!

So, I’ve not done bad in my quest to ‘denimise’ my wardrobe.  What I still can’t really do is the double denim thing.  I can’t even wear my lovely denim jacket from Urban Outfitters unless it’s with a dress or a skirt.  It just feels a bit too wild west/country western with a pair of jeans!  Hey ho….


My reliable denim jacket from Urban Outfitters. Find similar here.
Other items: Breton (Boden), Necklace (Phase Eight), Skirt (Laura Ashley), Sandals (Johnnie B at Boden)

Have you gone outside your comfort zone with denim?  Have you tried dungarees or a denim pinafore dress or are you thinking of buying any?  I’d love to hear from you!

Marguerite xx