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I wish I had a massive walk in closet, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. I do have a spare room with a wardrobe and chests of drawers and a floor length mirror that, since moving in last year, has ‘unofficially’ become my dressing room.  That is a luxury I guess!  I still, however have to store out of season clothes when they’re not in use and then have the task of doing the ‘Seasonal Wardrobe Swap’ at the start of summer and the beginning of Autumn/Winter.

At the start of the week, my wardrobe looked like this….

photo 1

Lots of summer stuff in here. All higgledy-piggledy. Needed a good clear out.

So the last few days I’ve spent time going through both the wardrobe and drawers to remove summer clothes for storage, but also deciding whether or not I’ve had wear out of each item, whether I still love it and whether or not I’ll keep it for next summer.  There were some inevitable casualties.  Some items had significant wear and tear and would need to be dumped, others I would sell on and the rest would go to charity shops. I now had a pile of clothes remaining that I wanted to store over the winter.

Getting out the underbed storage I then had to go through the winter clothes again to make sure that I still wanted everything in there.  The rest was hung up or put in a pile for ironing before going back into the wardrobe and drawers for AW15.

photo 8

Autumn/Winter gear coming out of storage!

I’ve spent some time over the last week or so generally having a tidy up of my ‘dressing room’, so that things are where I can see them and not forget about them and therefore use them.  There’s no point having lovely stuff if you forget you’ve got it!

I did think how I would put organise the clothes into my wardrobe. Would it be by clothing type (i.e. skirts all together etc), or whether it would be by their use (casual, evening or work).  In the end I’ve grouped everything pretty much into colours, but this may get changed if it doesn’t work for me.

Inspired by another styleblogger Melanie from www.wigglewhenyouwalk.com, I’ve also done an audit of my footwear and I’m quite shocked by the amount I’ve got.  I need to make a resolve to wear all my shoes and boots more regularly to make sure that they weren’t a waste of money and sit in the back of my shoe cupboard….

photo 10

Shoe cupboard!

photo 9

So now, in theory, I am super organised regarding my clothing, shoes and accessories and it will be much easier putting together an outfit.

I have taken precautions in my chests of drawers against pests eating into wool and cashmere jumpers by putting in moth repellents.  These don’t always work, but I’ve just got to minimise the risk.

photo 2

A drawer for jewellery, sunglasses and clutch bags

photo 3

Scarves sorted into colours

photo 4

Costume jewellery and hats

photo 5

Bag lady!

photo 6

Knee high and mid-calf high boots


AW15 wardrobe sorted into colour groupings

So, there we are.  It’s working at the moment.  If I can keep it all tidy and put things back where they belong then it should continue to work.  I now have a pile of things to sell and donate to charity!  Does anyone else organise their clothes and shoes like this?  What works for you?  Have you got any good tips you can share?

Marguerite xx