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So leopard print is showing no sign of going away anytime soon.  I’ve seen a lot style bloggers recently saying that they class leopard print as a neutral.

Whatever your stance on it there’s no denying that leopard print is still a favourite with many fashion retailers.  I have to say that I personally cannot pull off leopard print clothes, but I’m certainly a big fan of using it in accessories.


Recent purchase from Jones The Bootmaker (AW15)


One of my very favourite Boden purchases. This cross body saddle bag is stylish and practical and gets a lot of wear!


Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf – an easy way to add a bit of ‘Rrrrroarrrr’ to your outfit! I also have this……


…… in red!

And adding some quirky leopard print shoes or sandals always up your jeans and workwear to something a bit more fun.  Even our senior female politicians, like Home Secretary Theresa May, are not immune to a bit of leopard print!


I love these block heeled pumps from Moda in Pelle. They are really comfortable and I often wear them to liven up a work trouser suit.


One of my favourite summer sale purchases from Boden in 2015. Why had I never looked at Boden’s girl’s range of shoes before. They go up to adult sizes and are slightly wider in the foot.


Clarks flat leopard print pumps are so great as a basic addition to wearing jeans that I got them in two colours!


And here’s the other pair!

And I couldn’t finish without a picture of the Home Secretary’s feet in full leopard print splendour!


Theresa May rocking leopard print kitten heels!

Have a great weekend!
Marguerite x