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I get up reasonably early every week day, in spite of being home based for work. I get up mainly so that I know my son is up and getting himself sorted for school! However it’s good to get started working early and get into the right ‘work mindset’. I am also often up even earlier to get the train down to London to my client’s office. This is usually at least once a week.

I need a shower first thing to wake me up! For a while I’ve been using Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed to cleanse my face whilst having a shower but have recently used it in conjunction with Clinique’s Sonic Cleansing Brush. The vibrating brushing action takes some getting used to but produces, what feels like, a really deep cleanse!

Twice a week I try to exfoliate and use Clarins Gentle Refiner. I say try as I sometimes forget, but I usually can at least remember on a Saturday morning!  I this exfoliator on my face and then any residue left on my fingertips I gently rub onto the backs of both hands. My hands are horrible and look really old, so I’m making a conscious effort to look after them – although I think it too little, too late…

My hair is very fine (like baby hair), and gets oily towards the end of the day, so I wash it every morning. My hairdresser recommended Alterna’s Caviar range a couple of years ago when I was suffering from hair damage and breakage (wearing hair up in a ponytail). I’ve progressed onto the range’s ‘Moisture’ shampoo and conditioner which, whilst they’re supposed to be for dry hair, really work for my hair.

This morning routine sets me up for the day and doesn’t take a huge amount of time.

Have you got any ‘swear by’ products you use?  I’d love to hear about them!